Shoot the Glass Theater

 SHOOT THE GLASS (StG) is an independent theater company founded on two simple principles: the empowerment of the actor and the immediacy of live theater.   

    Our actors are empowered to take control of their creative process in a safe and open artistic environment.  They are encouraged to explore their roles, to learn and experiment without fear, and to hear more "yes" and less "no".  Our directors are committed to this process, and rather than instructing actors to fit into the director's "vision", our directors work side-by-side with the actors and designers to create one-of-a-kind productions that realize the unique and individual creative talents of the entire team.     

​    We are committed to delivering an immediate and intimate theatrical experience.  We believe that immediacy - the idea that in live theater anything can happen - is a true advantage theater has over film and television.  In order to encourage immediacy, we produce our works in venues where every audience member can have an up-close and personal proximity to the actors and the play.  We believe that this atmosphere fosters a closer bond between actor, audience, and story;  encouraging a powerful shared experience.