Market Garden Theatre

Mission Statement
To produce quality storytelling through creative innovation, dedicated professionalism and respected collaboration.

Artistic Statement
Market Garden Theatre derives our name from two vital and honored human traditions, market: the place where persons of all backgrounds come together to exchange goods and ideas; and garden: the place for growing produce to nurture body and soul.  

Markets are more than places of commerce but also places of growth and insight.  From fruits, vegetables and grain, great empires have been born; cultures and people who have shaped the world as it is today all started from the garden.  Their seeds have created a menagerie of variety and color.  This inherent array is how we perceive the arts.  We value all forms of expressions in performance.  From upbeat musicals to dark dramas and everything in between, each is valid. We promote experimental new work, revived classics and the work of well-read writers.  We value each script, libretto, and score upon what its integrity of meaning.  We take pride in telling all stories.

Our Foundation: Collaboration | Caliber | Creativity
We promise to bring high-caliber and foreword thinking theatrical productions to the community.  We value collaboration, both between the artists involved, donors, audience members and artistic supporters. Our productions are based upon the ideas and energies of the creative team; our choices are founded in our perspective of each specific text.  Our productions will be mounted with the utmost professionalism and execution.  This desire of excellence is our blood. This is our promise to you.