The Crown of the Holly Queen

Written by: 
Eli Effinger-Weintraub
Directed by: 
Cassandra Katy Snow
Friday, December 1, 2017 to Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Solstice approaches, shifting the balance of power in Groveland. Quirk's growing weaker by the day, and Alex may be forced to drastic measures to save her. Gavin's new boss ​is far more than the ruthless executive she seems to be--but that's okay, because he ​is, too. And Gwin can only watch as zyr closely guarded secrets become everybody's business.​​ As the darkness grows and the situation worsens, ​they must each decide what lines they're willing to cross to protect what's theirs.


"The Crown of the Holly Queen" by Eli Effinger-Weintraub has a lot to say about the power of belief and the strength of chosen family, and is a great alternative to classic holiday fare going around without bringing the audience down. Gadfly Alums G Zachariah White and Kate Kunkel Bailey star as Gwin and Morgan, respectively. They are joined by Piper Quinn, fresh off 20% Theatre Company’s "Ballast," Jada Pulley (Hada Poulet), and Logan Gilbert-Guy, both of whom recently completed a stint with the Twin Cities Horror Festival. Allison Knauss is stage managing, with Ben Harvey and Sabrina Diehl taking on the show’s other tech roles. Gadfly Artistic Director Cassandra Katy Snow directs. 

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 07:30Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 07:30Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 02:00Friday, December 8, 2017 - 07:30Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 07:30Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 02:00
LGM Studio