Friday, May 10, 2024 to Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ghoulish Delights presents Bonehouse/Outsider, a pair of blood-chilling one-act plays, one contemporary and the other classic, one set in a small midwestern town and the other in an otherworldly gothic nightmare.

Bonehouse was written by playwright Kendra Fanconi and features Xan Mattek as Eero, a young boy who believes that something special is waiting for him outside his small farm town and will do anything to run away. But the town has a secret, and the others who live there will do anything to keep him. Tim Uren directs the local premiere of this modern Midwestern folktale.

Amber Bjork directs the second play of the evening, The Outsider by H.P. LovecraftTim Uren plays the title character, a nameless figure who lives within a vast ruined tower surrounded by an impenetrable forest. Having no memory of daylight or other people, he ascends the tower hoping to finally catch a glimpse of the sun and perhaps learn who he truly is. Matt Kessen and Ariel Pinkerton round out the cast of both plays.

*UPDATE- We’re excited to announce that the Friday, May 24 performance will feature a post-show discussion with playwright Kendra Fanconi, along with the cast and directors!

From Kendra: “The genesis of Bonehouse was a story from my father, about the one in the small town in the Swiss Alps where our family is from, and the experience of growing up as an artist in a family full of scientists. It’s deeply informed by living in Canada for 25 years, and falling hard for the beauty of the prairie there.”

Kendra has worked for 25 years in the theatre as a playwright, director and designer known for her love of the impossible. She is bi-national, and after having made art for 25 years in Canada, she just moved back to the U.S. to Boulder, Colorado. Kendra is a co-founder and the Artistic Director Emeritus of The Only Animal, a 18-year-old company that is uniquely dedicated to theatre that springs from a deep engagement with place. Kendra founded and led the Artist Brigade, bringing arts and artists to the front lines of the climate movement, and counting among its impacts, a contribution to the preservation of the old-growth forest, Dakota Bear Sanctuary and the Songbird Forest. Find her mid-way through a writing series called ‘Dear Animal’ that documents falling in love with a new landscape on Kendra is a farmer, a forager, and mother to two kids who are real characters.

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