Shakespearean Youth Theatre


– through the passion, hard work, and plucky inspiration of moms. Two moms, to be exact. Together, they formed SYT with the simple goal of providing their kids and other teens in the community a space to perform Shakespeare’s works. So, in summer 2004, they got to work building a community of families, volunteers, and professional theater-makers to produce SYT’s inaugural production: A Midsummer Nights Dream. And then they did it again. And again.

As it grew, it became clear to them and to the growing community of SYT families, teaching artists, and audiences that young people exploring these great works, interpreting and retelling stories that tackle the most complex and enduring human questions, can be truly transformative. Transformative for them, yes, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to us. It is that core belief that remains the foundation of all SYT programming – classes, camps, and workshops, from scene showcases to full-scale productions.

We believe young people have original and vital perspectives to share – perspectives that enrich the lives of everyone who watches them unfold onstage. SYT provides a space where you are not only encouraged to share and explore your thoughts and ideas about the important questions of the world, but where they are heard and respected as critical contributions to our community’s ongoing dialogue. We believe that teens make great art. 

This ain’t your high school’s stab at Hello, Dolly. So get ready to get inspired.