About Us

Overhead Crane

Theater. Made Here.

The Crane Theater is a project of NE Minneapolis based theater ensemble nimbus theatre. Sure, it is a place for us to perform, but it is way more than that. When we set out to build The Crane, we wanted something more than just a rental house. We wanted to build a resource for ensemble theater companies and other theater companies making new work. Some of the best theater in the world is created right here in the Twin Cities, but the existing infrastructure was developed for companies mounting revivals of existing shows. Companies creating new work might only create one or two new works a year, and what they need throughout the year: shop space, rehearsal space, storage, performance space, education, ticket sales changed based on what part of the process they were in. Keeping rehearsal or performance space rented year round doesn't make sense if you only use it part of the time. But what if it was shared?

So The Crane was born. And we are guessing you don't love just one of the groups that perform here. We are guessing you enjoy many of them. If you don't, you should give them a shot. A lot of great stories happen here, year round. After the show, stick around, talk to the artists, buy some merch, and if there was another show, tell someone who saw it how great the show you just saw. After all, this is more than a place where artists perform. It's where we all come together and tell th stories that make our community so rich.